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Anna is a British Producer/Director with 20+ years experience on set and a trained actor of 15 years. Throughout her producing career she has had a strong duty of care to the onscreen talent she's worked with; she's interviewed people from all walks of life on sensitive topics and filmed with vulnerable people in high pressure environments. 

In Anna's acting career she has had the insight of performing intimate scenes on stage and on the screen and understands the vulnerabilities and concerns that may arise for performers. She respects both the directors visions and actors boundaries in creating that vision within a consent forward practice.


Intimacy Coordinator

Euphoric– Dir: Cam Killion

Short film: The script explores the intimate relationship and sexual hang-ups between a non-binary and lesbian initial physical relationship.


Sahara–Dir: Tati Baramia

Short film: The relationship between a new mother and physically abusive partner and how her and her young children find their freedom.

Maggie Flanigan Studio - NYC

Faculty Intimacy Coordinator for student actors on scene study & production work. Teacher to Introduction to Intimacy Coordinator/Director work & Consent Forward Practices.

FIT - State University of New York

Guest speaker on Introduction to Intimacy Coordinator/Director work & Consent Forward Practices for student directors.

Racy Reads– ITV’s Lorraine

Scripted: Filming reconstruction intimate scenes for an erotic literature writing competition.


Yellow Balloon–Bolt Productions

Short film: 7yr old girl connects with a homeless veteran in the park, when her mom loses sight of her.

The script explores the intimate relationship and sexual hang-ups between a non-binary and lesbian initial physical relationship.


Acting intimate scenes experience

Tortoise in Love – ‘Jane’- Dir: Guy Browning

Scripted feature film: Physical kissing scene with onscreen boyfriend


Twelve – ‘Part goer’- Dir: Scott Trost

Scripted feature film: Kissing scene


La Ronde– ‘Sweet Girl’- Dir: Vanessa Mildenburg

Stage: Partial nudity, kissing and climax scene.


Lusting After Pipino’s Wife– ‘Rita’- Dir: Frank Tamburin

Stage: Simulated sex scene.

yellow balloon 3.jpeg

(c) Yellow Balloon - Bolt Productions

yellow balloon.jpeg

Relevant Directing/Producing work

Good Morning Britain & Lorraine (UK) – ITV: 2003-2014

Daytime: Producing live broadcast & human-interest packages. Included filming both adults and children; struggling in life with terminal illness, addiction and also filming with criminals and victims of crime. Producing A-List talent.

America’s Got Talent – NBC: Season 14, 15 & 16

Reality: Talent competition. Included directing and interviewing vulnerable people, who had experienced trauma in their lives and were retelling their story.


Dr Phil– CBS: Stage 29 Productions

Talk: Filming with vulnerable people dealing with mental health issues.


Long Lost Family – TLC: Shed Media

Docu-series: Casting people to be reunited biological family members separated through adoption. Interviewing and point of contact for people of casting, uncovered a lot of traumatic experiences within the care home systems and abusive family placements.

DSC_0215 copy.JPG

(c) La Ronde - Jermyn Street Theatre


IDC (Intimacy Directors and Coordinators)

*Intro to Intimacy in Entertainment

*Applications of Consent & Intimacy. Level 2 of 2 of Intimacy Directors & Coordinators.

Online Consent Forward Artist Program.


California Department of Fair Employment and Housing

-Sexual Harassment & Abusive Conduct Prevention Training


The British Academy of Stage Combat

Basic level - Silver

Diploma of Acting (LCTS)

Movement training:

Neutral Mask, Laban, Michael Chekov & Alexander Technique.

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